September 01, 2014

Blast Off to Euphoria


Myra tebowed in reverence to the Space God, Commander Melvin. Far below in Cape Canaveral, the tech team was frantic. The readings told a stark story. Only a fraction of the oxygen was getting to Myra’s fishtank helmet, and Melvin was erratically pointing at “wabbits” that weren’t there.

They were “space happy”… a term we scientists use for the oxygen deprived euphoria that precedes blithering, blathering, and we’re afraid, irreversible lunacy, literally “moon crazy.” We are gratified that this difficult and regrettable condition is being so ably handled by a coloring book.

UPDATE: The rescue mission was a success but the return to earth held its own surprises.


Melvin had undergone an extraordinary transformation unforeseen by our biological team, while Myra, still in the grips of severe “space happy” religious mania, refused to be parted from her god, the transmogrified Captain Melvin, and made of their quarters ( where NASA would hold them indefinitely for “observation”) a home mimicking “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” with anodyne Impressionist prints favored by Laura Petrie.


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