June 19, 2015

Love Be My Undoing!


And so Betsy gave her fiancĂ© the 16 numbers, 7 letters, and 4 punctuation marks that comprised the nuclear launch codes which she had accidentally spied on the President’s desk during her tour of the White House with the Future Homemakers of Tomorrow.

That night she and Conrad, as he called himself, made love like abandoned, depraved, unmarried animals. She woke the next morning, throbbing all over, to find she lay in a wildly jumbled bed and he, whoever he was, was gone.

By the afternoon, she and the rest of the Future Homemakers, like all of Smallville, were being marched in ragged formation, the slaves of the Red Chinese! Her clothes now tattered from the whip blows, Betsy bit back tears. Damn, her eidetic memory!


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