April 07, 2016

Lake Serenity


She wanted no witnesses. Without tears, without some pitying note left behind, but clear-eyed, resolute, she was driving to the cliff. There to plunge into the lake.

It was not a sad day. It was simply overcast, as it always was in this raw, uneven country. A completely unremarkable day. Suitable, but no more than that. Today she would become what she had once been. Nonexistent. That’s all. Simply that.

Without bitterness. Without bitterness at all. In a final beneficent act to be witnessed only by the gray sky and her own sense of rectitude, she brought Ursula along. Ursula who had never made peace with humankind, who had resented her captivity at the children’s zoo. Fighting, darting, querulous Ursula.

Let that be her valedictory to this dry country. That she was resolute, tearless, but not without a moral view. Ursula was in tow. Ursula was on board. The plunge into Lake Serenity shouldn’t be a total loss.

There would be release.


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