June 24, 2016

Heartbreak á Go-Go


It had taken 55 light years to get there, but the colony on C-17 had thrived under its oxygen dome. The grass was green, vegetation had taken hold in the processed soil, and the teens on that fateful first trip were now grandparents.

The third generation to be born on the space colony, however, were at a loss. Communication with Earth over the spans of space was spotty when it linked up at all, and the young set of C-17 had nothing to go on except the Tiger Beats that the first pioneer teens had brought on the space ships.

Bright corduroy bellbottoms were still the height of rebellion for the boys of C-17, while the girls teased their hair into bubble flips, wore their dresses above the knee, and wrote lovesick letters that would never be sent, trying to win a dream date with Bobby Sherman.


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