March 18, 2019

How to Wear a Posing Strap

The tan lines — the white flesh against the dark indicating the absence of swim trunks — are a pronounced feature of mid-Century posing. The ghost of the swim trunks speaks of shed modesty, of society and its unraveling conventions in the late, teenage delinquent 1950s.

The tan lines are themselves a fetish item of these photos. They suggest a deeper, rawer nudity, where a more dangerous wildness waits to spring just behind the curtain. By the end of the century, the posing strap and all traces of pubic hair will be themselves shed in favor of a full-frontal, no longer transgressive, completely wholesome nudity.

Ed Fury, as always, has the confidence of a star, of a man with a beautiful and photogenic face. Unlike the disgruntle street trade with their snide expressions and sad physique flexes in most of these under-the-counter photos, Fury smiles broadly, he beams blondly in his posing strap. The hair coloring, of course, a Hollywood touch.

Note that the legs are in the contrapposto position, a classic of the era, for homoerotica must always be disguised as something Classical and noble of mind. The amiable Fury, however, opens his arms and invites us into the dance of life … without pretense.

Posing straps are a lost art, but boys, it doesn’t have to be.


'How to Wear a Posing Strap'